Welcome to Peace in The Streets

Welcome to Peace in The Streets

'TOGETHER WE'RE STRONGER - Changing one Life at a Time'


Welcome to Peace In The Streets we are an  organisation dedicated to bringing the PEACE!


Working alongside some of the greatest organisations on the planet, we  put on events run and deliver programs to inspire all particularly young people to live a lifestyle of PEACE, opposed to the toxic culture that is currently plaguing  our streets.

Through our network we connect young people with mentoring opportunities, internships and sustainable support, with a view to create long term sustainable lifestyles of PEACE


We operate as an intervention for interventions so if you are an organisation who have work, programs or opportunities you would like to offer to young people - Signup to our mailing list and we will do our best to connect young people with your services.

If you would like to  find more of our work programs and events join our mailing list we will  keep you up to date on whats on at Peace In The Streets

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